(Sensaphonics 2nd Annual “Respect Your Ears” Industry Night)


Sensaphonics is pleased to announce its second annual “Respect Your Ears” Industry Night in Chicago. This no-cover event will take place Monday, March 28, at Martyrs’, with some great music from the Kilgubbin Brothers. Industry Night is an opportunity for Chicago venue workers to gather for an evening of free music, with Sensaphonics audiologists on hand to provide expert knowledge and deep discounts on professional hearing protection.

“Having drink orders shouted in your ears all night while bands are playing is exhausting, but that’s what keeps all our local music venues in business,” notes Sensaphonics audiologist Heather Malyuk. “Industry Night is a great opportunity to show venue workers how filtered earplugs can make their lives easier, both at work and at play.”

Sensaphonics audiologists from the Musicians Hearing Clinic will be at Martyrs’ throughout the evening, offering an incredible deal. Buy a pair of custom-molded Musicians Earplugs for $125 (a $25 discount), and get your your ear impressions FREE (a $75 value). Credit cards will be accepted.

Kilgubbin Brothers

The Kilgubbin Brothers’ name and music celebrate the American-Irish shantytown that clung to a muddy island in the Chicago River in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They play the irrepressible, stubbornly upbeat music that emerged onto that island when the tunes and songs first baptized in the blessed wells of Ireland were dragged through the factory-fouled waters of the Chicago River. Playing with tenacity and unruliness, The Kilgubbin Brothers tap into the dance tunes and songs whose spirit and beauty persisted in their new home: soot-stained, early urban America. The Kilgubbin Brothers feature: Chicago Irish fiddle legend Seán Cleland (Drovers, Bohola); the mighty Jackie Moran (Drovers, Comas) on vocals, bodhrán, and banjo; Boston-born, All-Ireland fiddle Champion Brendan Bulger (Sprigs, Noel Henry Irish Showband); guitar virtuoso Jesse Langen (Hasco Duo, Ensemble Dal Niente); and powerhouse singer Ray Quinn (Tin Lynott, Martyrs’).より転載




Kilgubbin Brothers

Kilgubbin Brothersのその名前と音楽は、19世紀後期から20世紀初頭にかけてシカゴ川の泥だらけの島に住み着いたアイルランド系アメリカ人のスラム街の賛美から出ています。彼らはアイルランドの祝福された井戸からの清い水によって最初の洗礼を授けられた曲と歌が、シカゴ川の工場で汚れた水でひきずられていることをその島の上に現れたどこまでもアップビートに湧き出てくる音楽で、そのほとばしる感情を演奏しています。Kilgubbin Brothersは、初期アメリカ都市部で煤けてしまった彼らの新しい家にあった清らかさとスピリットを持ち続けた人々の中に残る歌とダンス曲を用いています。


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