Beyonce, Sensaphonics set to rock the halftime show!




While the National Football League is very strict about using its championship game to promote anything other than the NFL, here’s a little bit of news that we thought you might be interested in. This year’s halftime show will feature Beyonce, in full touring regalia. And amid what will doubtless be a dazzling display of music and production artistry, we have confirmed that Beyonce, along with every member of her performing band and both monitor engineers, will be wearing Sensaphonics custom earphones – just as they do on tour. At her pre-game press conference Thursday, Beyonce stated that she “will absolutely be singing live” at halftime Sunday. Beyonce wears a truly unique custom IEM: our 2MAX, molded in jet black silicone and finished with a custom sterling silver outer shell designed and hand-tooled by the jeweler at Sensaphonics Japan. Drummer Queen Cora, on the other hand, has converted to the state-of-the-art 3D Active Ambient, which allows her to hear a perfect blend of her monitor mix and the ambient stage sound around her. All other band members are outfitted with the Sensaphonics 3MAX triple-driver, delivering full-range precision audio with a sweetly seductive bit of extra bass response. Naturally, we at Sensaphonics are thrilled to see our products being used on the biggest stage in American professional sports. Enjoy the game — and don’t miss the halftime show!














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