Luke Bryan rocks the house with Sensaphonics 2MAX



Luke Bryan’s concerts are no-holds-barred productions. From the massive PA system to the secondary stage out in the audience, every aspect is designed to create a memorable experience. For Bryan, the key to delivering a consistently flawless performance is a great monitor mix. For that, he chooses the Sensaphonics 2MAX.

Monitor engineer Ed Janiszewski has been mixing for Luke Bryan since 2008. From Bryan’s time playing honky-tonks to today’s massive stadium and festival gigs, the 2MAX has been a constant for both. “We’re huge fans of Sensaphonics,” says Ed. “The sound quality of the 2MAX is outstanding, and they are the most comfortable in-ears out there. Luke never wants to go on stage without them, and I feel the same way.”

Another key benefit for Bryan is the high isolation of Sensaphonics all-silicone construction. “Luke does part of his set on a secondary stage out in the audience, in front of the PA,” notes Janiszewski. “Those are rock show sound levels out there, and the extra isolation from the solid silicone earpieces means he doesn’t have to turn it up as much to hear clearly. That’s something Luke is really aware of. He’s definitely concerned with maintaining and conserving his hearing.”

During a recent show in Orlando, Sensaphonics president Michael Santucci was backstage and did fresh ear impressions for Luke and several band and crew members. “Luke even had Dr. Santucci do impressions for Musicians Earplugs for his nephew,” recalls Janiszewski. “Between sound checks, opening acts, then our own 90-minute set, that’s a lot of loud. We’re both very aware of the need to limit our exposure. In fact, every time we play Chicago, I make it a point to stop by Sensaphonics for a hearing test. I just did that recently, and was very happy with the results. Which means that what we’re doing is working.”

Janiszewski is also impressed with the consistency and reliability Sensaphonics provides. “The flexibility of the earpieces mean they don’t lose their seal as your jaw moves, which lets Luke focus on his performance. There’s no distraction from worrying about details like what he’s got in his ears or a sudden loss of bass from a bad seal. They just work, so Luke is able to put on the show that he needs to. And that’s exactly how it should be,” he says.

As a monitor engineer, Ed Janiszewski is also a big fan of the accuracy of the dual-driver 2MAX. “My job is to take what everybody is playing and mix it down in a way that sounds musical and is useful to the guys on stage,” he says. “The 2MAX gives me a transparent reference point that is crucial to that process. As long as I have a good fit, it gives me exactly what I need sonically. And with the customer service I get from Sensaphonics, they always make sure I have the right fit.”

Asked to compare his Sensaphonics experience to other options on the market, Janiszewski doesn’t see anything that tempts him. “I see hard plastic with a lot of drivers, which to me means louder, not better,” he says. “Having a bunch of extra drivers in there is just a lot more potential for things to go wrong inside. Why would I do that when I’ve got a product that does exactly what I want, from a company that really cares about my hearing?”

Luke Bryan’s Kick The Dust Up Tour continues barnstorming across the U.S. through the end of October with a mix of stadium and amphitheater dates interspersed with major country music festivals.











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