REO guitarist Dave Amato’s secret weapon: 3D Active Ambient system


REO スピードワゴンのギターリストであるデイブ・アマトは、二年前に購入してからセンサフォニクスの3Dアクティブ・アンビエント・システムの大ファンになりました。「俺のイヤモニの問題点は、自分のリグが聴けないことだった。」と彼は説明します。「アンビエント・システムは自分の好きなだけ外の世界にダイアルインさせてくれる。今や俺はバンドのフルミックスがモニター世界から入ってきて、さらに効果も含めて自分のリグを全部聴くことができる。ギターリストにとって最高だね。」何年か前にREOスピードワゴンがイヤモニに移行したときに片耳だけに装着していました。「しかしそれはつまり俺のステージ・ミックスは単調で、かなりの音量に上げなければならなかった。片耳に耳鳴りがしてきた時、ほかの解決策を見つけなければならないと知ったんだ。」

When it comes to their equipment, classic rock musicians know what they need and what they like. And lead guitarist Dave Amato of REO Speedwagon has become a huge fan of the Sensaphonics 3D Active Ambient IEM System he bought a couple years ago.


“My problem with in-ears was that I couldn’t hear my rig, ” he explains. “The ambient system lets me dial in that outside world, as much of it as I need. Now I have a full band mix from monitor world, plus I can hear my whole rig, including the effects. It’s the perfect thing for guitarists.”


When REO Speedwagon decided to move to IEMs several years ago, Amato was far from enthusiastic. “ Originally, I fought against it, because I knew I needed to hear my amp,” he recalls. “So like a lot of guys, I ended up using only one ear on stage. In fact, I used to cut off one earpiece. But that meant my stage mix was mono, and I had to turn it up pretty loud to hear everything. When I developed ringing in one ear, I knew I had to find another solution.”


That solution was the 3D system, which uses embedded microphones to pick up the sound on stage and lets the artist add it to the monitor mix. “At first, I had to have it explained to me, because it really is a different technology from regular in-ears,” says Amato. “But when I put them on for the demo, I was like, ‘wow, this is amazing.’ I knew I had to have them. Now I just wish I had done it sooner.”


Another benefit of the 3D system is that, with both earpieces always in place, Amato can listen at a more reasonable volume. “It’s really a beautiful thing,” he says. “I’m hearing everything I need, and it feels as loud as before, but the dBs are definitely lower for me. My ears don’t ring so much anymore, which is a beautiful thing.”


With REO Speedwagon’s heavy touring schedule, it’s important for Amato to have the right equipment, and the 3D Active Ambient system has become an integral part of his rig. “It’s really an incredible piece of technology, and I think every guitarist should check it out. It’s ideal for what I do.”

彼らの装備のこととなると、一流のロック・ミュージシャンは何が必要で何が好きか知っています。そしてREO スピードワゴンのギターリストであるデイブ・アマトは、二年前に購入してからセンサフォニクスの3Dアクティブ・アンビエント・イヤモニ・システムの大ファンになりました。


























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